David Paul Hanson

​Like many people my age who are photographers, my interest began in 1965 upon watching the British film Blow-Up, starring David Hemmings. Far from being interested in the plot of the murder caught on film by a swinging 60s fashion photographer, I was instantly enthralled by the darkroom sequences. Shortly after that seminal visual experience, I purchased my first 35mm camera.

I soon began a love affair with the works of Edward Weston and Ansel Adams. In 1975 I bought my first Calumet 4X5 view camera. I cannot count how many hours I spent both driving aimlessly driving around the Minnesota lake country, let alone the endless hours in the darkroom at night. Such is a labor of love.

I the 1970s, I also worked as a fashion photographer for Blacks, a high-end women's fashion chain, doing newspaper, magazine and began creating television commercials. By the late 1980s, I came into my own as a television commercial writer/director/composer, creating commercials for a myriad of clients from tourism to restaurants, healthcare, and other industries.

I am available for domestic and international photographic assignments.

You can reach me at davidphanson@gmail.com